Every so often you’re lucky enough to see a band and realize that everything is just right. The right personalities, the right arrangements, the right instruments, the right attitude… everything just comes together perfectly. “Tight” doesn’t describe it. Bands that rehearse and work hard and can stop and start on a dime are tight. Bands that know each other like the back of their hands are something special. - Review by Eric Gleason.


Recording our 4th CD

We’re head­ing back into the stu­dio soon to record our 4th CD. Want a sneak peek of some of the new songs that will be on it? Come out to one of our upcom­ing gigs! Visit our cal­en­dar to find out where we’re play­ing: http://thechrisolearyband.com/calendar.

Chris O'Leary

This red hot combo has unleashed a sizzling live album: Live at Blues Now!

Blues Bis­cuits’ Jim Kanavy gives our new live CD, Live at Blues Now!, high marks in his review of the album, not­ing that “this is rock & roll blues at its best.” Here’s the full review:

“Chris O’Leary is the for­mer front man of Levon Helm’s Barn­burn­ers. The Chris O’Leary band was formed in 2007 around a tight group of road war­riors. Chris’ years spent with the Barn­burn­ers, back­ing up an eclec­tic mix of musi­cians at Levon Helm’s New Orleans club, and tour­ing the coun­try after­ward, turned him into a musi­cal medium. He chan­nels a mul­ti­tude of blues & soul styles author­i­ta­tively. It’s hard to believe he grew up closer to Albany, New York than New Albany, Mis­sis­sippi. The blues pours out of his fuzz-drenched, raspy harp and his band is right there with him at every twist and turn. After two suc­cess­ful and acclaimed stu­dio albums, this red hot combo has unleashed a siz­zling live album.

Live At Blues Now! has tunes from both stu­dio albums and a groov­ing, bounc­ing ver­sion of Billy Boy Arnold’s “Wish You Would.” Chris sings some of it through the harp mic and his vocals take on a Howlin’ Wolf snarl. I was really excited to have a live ver­sion of “Tchoupi­toulas” (that’s “Chop-ih-too-liss” to you and me). If “Tchoupi­toulas” doesn’t get you mov­ing you may be dead. Have some­one take your pulse imme­di­ately. Admin­is­ter mouth to mouth as desired. It should have you singing and danc­ing like you’re down at Tipitina’s with the second-line hot on your heels. The whole album, from the opener “Give It” to the closer “His­tory” has incred­i­ble drum­ming. The beats are almost tribal, churn­ing and chop­ping, like waves of the sea surg­ing and reced­ing, thrust­ing the band for­ward, reel­ing rock­ing in rhyth­mic ecstasy.

“On “Trou­ble,” spe­cial guest gui­tarist Alex Schultz rides the rhyth­mic waves like a man who’s con­quered the Pipeline. Chris O’Leary’s harp cuts through like a thrust­ing oar and keeps the band on course. The shim­mer­ing gui­tars of “Louisiana Woman” and lone­some harp con­jure a hoodoo mist across the bayou and “Water’s Risin’” swings, rocks and reels. This is rock & roll blues at its best, com­bin­ing gospel vocals, Chuck Berry rhythms, and duel­ing gui­tars into a spicy gumbo of Amer­i­can music which pretty much encap­su­lates the Chris O’Leary Band. This band is the real deal. Bring the band into your liv­ing room, car, or bayou back porch with Live At Blues Now!”


Get the New CD: Live at Blues Now!

It’s here! Get our 3rd CD “Live at Blues Now!”, recorded in Basel Switzer­land ear­lier this year. It’s avail­able at all your favorite online music stores, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.com, and more.

Third CD Release: Live at Blues Now!

Tomor­row we are releas­ing our 3rd CD on the Viz­ztone label.. Live at Blues Now! We recorded this ear­lier in the year in Basel Switzer­land with very spe­cial guest Alex Schultz. The room was beau­ti­ful, the crowd was great, and we had a blast!

Live at Blues Now!

Portland, We are Coming Back

We played the Port­land Water­front fes­ti­val on July 4th to over 25000 peo­ple! We are back in Port­land on 7/17 at Vie de Bohéme! Hope­fully every­one who was in atten­dance will come out and see us again! We’ve missed you all